a piano and all his friends including the studio on center and university / utah wedding photographer

dear yan, the other day when i asked you how many copies of my album we should order i was thinking somewhere around 300.  you know, something modest, but enough that we could still distribute them over the next couple years.  so i was a little surprised when you said 50.  and at first i wasn't sure why you chose such a low number until you said outright "we don't have that many friends who will get your cd."

i think maybe you're right, so i'm suggesting we get 12.  thanks for helping me be realistic.

but i have a plan...i asked little myra for some advice.  she said i should, "teach them the music is pretty.  then they will listen."  i think if we can implement myra's plan we'll be able to push past cds 9 and 10.

don't worry i'll be sure to let our photographer friends know they can buy rights to the songs for their websites at a fraction of the cost for royalties charged for someone actually famous.  and if anyone wants to know what kind of music i do before i'm on the web, just tell them i sing the song on yanphoto.com.  oh and i'll be sure to tell your mom that you didn't just marry a street musician, but officially a recording artist.

in other news, i wanted you to know that i am so excited about the studio.  i'll pick the key up tomorrow and then let the wild renovations begin!  and by the way, love, thanks for all your support--i could never have done this album without you.

love and all her friends,

uncle marty