what's more simple than a bed?

a child?

a laugh?

a connection?

a friendship?

a family?

what's more simple than a few photographs to capture it? you see i've got this idea i've been thinking about for almost a year now. and i've got this studio. and i've got this camera. i've got a few cameras actually. most importantly, i've got this passion for capturing the simple things in life, in a bright, beautiful way.

but i need you. the real you.

your laughs.



your family. and all the simple moments in between.

the idea is, you guessed it, simple.

Beginning Wednesday, Jan. 26th, I  will be offering simple studio sessions, one, and only one, day a week.



-TIME SLOTS: 10, 1030, 11, 1130,  1230, 100

-includes 10-15 DIGITAL FILES

-up to 3 children

- families of 5 or less


- studio is located on the corner of university and center street in downtown Provo, UT, just above Gloria's, Suite 207.

-the first 6 bookings will receive 50% off!!!! so email fast,

*yan photography will no longer be offering 1-2 hour family sessions. in addition to studio simple sessions, yan photography is happy to offer lifestyle photography sessions to document your family at home living your every day lives together, or enjoying an activity together that is meaningful to you. please email for more info and pricing.