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well, i totallllly blew it. this week was going to be THE week. the one where I turned this blog into one of the most happening hangouts on the web by posting every. single. day. i was going to be witty. i was going to be clever, it was going to be a really good time. or in other words, the words of my own dear mother to be exact, "coulda, woulda, shoulda." pshhhhh. i just can't believe the actual outcome was so opposite. you would think i could have squeaked in at least several posts if i was serious about my goal but instead here i sit, looking disdainfully at complete and utter failure ....

almost. allllll ---------moooooooooooost. i do have one post to leave you with on this cozy saturday afternoon.

the first thing you should know about this session is that there were about 10 deer in the orchard. they were not intimidated by me AT ALL and they were beautiful. the second thing is that when i met this family at said orchard i just could not believe how  pretty each of their  daughters was. The thing that really got me is that they each look so different from each other, but their beauty unified them somehow. It made me think of my family, and my two girls. Even though my girls look like they could be twins mysteriously birthed 23 months apart, i just thought of the fact that martin and i  already have two precious daughters, that we're expecting baby number three (did you catch that? yes it was announcement), and that as much as we are hoping for a boy, we both suspect we're destined for a family of all little girls. sigh. writing that makes me feel emotional (in a good way).

anyway, i've been dying to get a family into an orchard for so so so long. i'm in love with the perfect pop of red it brings to the images. this family was so so sweet and relaxed--a photographer's dream. i hope you enjoy.


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