carrie and kevin | boise, idaho wedding photographer, utah wedding photographer

you would think that two people getting married would love each other. duh. that's kind of the point. still, i found myself surprised at the tenderness with which carrie and kevin looked at each other. at the way they laughed together loud and hard. at how they seemed the perfect compliment for one another's personalities and that during their first dance, for just a few minutes, it seemed, i kid you not, like all the right forces in the universe had aligned.  photographing their wedding was a huge honor. i'm so lucky that i got to tell a story as beautiful as theirs with my camera.

most of the events of the day took place at the historic bishop's house in boise. i was in love with its soft, antique-ish, pastel palette

carrie's dress was absolutely incredible in its simplistic beauty. i believe she designed it herself and had it made. i can't imagine a dress more delicate or more perfect for carrie.

the ladies got ready in one of the charming little room's in the bishops house, and i'll confess right now: girls getting pretty and enjoying one another's company is one of my favorite things to photograph. there's a magic in the anticipation.

so sweet, carrie's sister in law was tearing up as she saw her in her dress.

everything about carrie is so adorably feminine and her shoes were no exception.

i just love the timelessness and feel of this shot.

some final touches.

i try to ask my brides to close their eyes for a moment and take a deep breath. i am in love with carrie's serene beauty here.

getting a little emotional

gasp, carrie, you take my breath away. seriously, who has such  natural grace?

okay, get a load of kev's super excited face.

i am totally a proponent of a first look before the ceremony. where else would we get teary, sweet moments like these?

cannot handle carrie's cuteness...

we headed out for some portraits in the hot hot hot sun. but sun? you're not quiiiiiite as hot as kevin.

in case you were wondering, they needed just about NO direction.

love the shot above on the left. this was martin's perspective while we were working with carrie and kev.

kevin was such a gentleman. again, totally not directed.

fyi, seven bridesmaids and six groomsman might suggest that people like carrie and kevin, ALOT.

loved the little touches at the bishop's house.

carrie and kevin's dog got a little side tracked when it was his turn to walk down the aisle. carrie, however kept her eye on the prize.

how firm do you think this handshake is between kevin and carrie's dad?

they were so, so happy.

how could i not have gotten a portrait of that dapper young man in the suit coat and tie. i hope his mother sees this.

toward the end of the night i couldn't help but steal carrie for a few more portraits. i am so happy she not only obliged me but then proceeded to ROCK the camera.

see, in this very moment, all was right in the world.

thank you again carrie and kevin. as my four year old myra would say, you make my heart happy.