casting call at Yan Photography! | Utah photographer, Boise photographer

i really feel like the first thing i should say in this post is thank you, thank you, thank you. i am feeling so overwhelmed with gratitude to all of my clients/blog readers/friends of 2009, that i'm lying here in a metaphorical straightjacket.  yes, it is awkward. yes, it is uncomfortable. when it comes to saying thank you for your support, i feel like no action or move is good enough and i'm just sort of humbled into paralysis. right now i especially want to say to my blog readers, whether you comment or not, whether you stop by daily, or just every once in a while, you are everything to myself and my business (sniff, sniff). and though i know i've been a little quiet during this holiday season (i place full blame on the first trimester of my pregnancy), i hope some of you have stuck around and are reading this because I NEED YOU. I need your faces. I need your style. I need your creativity. I need your your energy. i even need all the goodness in your soul.

which is to say i need MODELS. you may remember my announcement awhile back that i will be offering mentoring sessions this winter at Yan Photography. Well I got an amazing response and I want to give my mentorees the darn best experience they could hope for with Yan Photography. Each full day session includes a shoot with me, and I want to set up shoots that are unique, different, capture essences and reflect Yan Photography's contemporary style.

so here is what I need in Provo UT:

*At least 4 young families, with 2-3 children. Children should be 8 and under.

*At least one brave and fun married couple not worried about soiling their wedding gear a tad for a "day after" session.

*At least one couple (married or engaged) willing to bring the love and creative ideas to an engagement type session.

here is what I need in Boise, ID

*At least 2 young families, with 2-3 children. Children should be 8 and under. Possibly willing to shoot in your home.

Here at Yan Photography, we feel that model material isn't so much about  looks, but about PERSONALITY and STYLE. In other words, you don't have to be pretty. But I am looking for families and couples who are willing to bring a little bit of visual flair and attitude to make your session standout and fun for all. Is that too much to ask? hmmm, maybe....but i hope not!

so please, please, please, send me an email at with a picture or two, and a little bit about you (and your family). I can't wait to meet you!

And let me post a perfect example of a former client, who was so full of personality and life. she is the daughter of the amazingly talented Kirsten of