france family sesh plus a video!

so you maybe remember me chatting it on up with the lovely kelli france of the pretty fancy chic critique forum  back in this post:  (click here, but ignore the freeze frame capture, there was nothing that could be done) during the interview she mentioned she had hired me to do her family photos and how she was so excited, and i responded a smiley, "yeaaaaahhhhhh.....awesome." usually i do okay with articulating, and you know, forming thoughts and words, but in that moment all i could think of was queen/ david bowie's under pressure song. the nerves started then.

fast forward a week or two, and there i found myself in colorado springs, in perfect golden light--doing my best to ignore the crying of my own kids because yes, they came along with marty to hang out in the park where we shot. i closed my eyes for a moment, took a deep breath, went over to hold wren who was sobbing, walked back to the france's ready to

and we did. and the super talented jessica detiege, came along for the crazy ride and made this amazing video that will just put a tear in your eye. i think a video combined with a tooon of photos will kind of get the point of the beautiful france's across, which means i should probably stop talking




gahhh, but i can't! i just have to say that this family? they have a lot on their plate. they are busy. they work hard. they feel that constant tug and pull of being a young family, with busy schedules, and a task list longer than the hours in the day. but they prioritize their love first. and i think it shines through. thanks so much for giving me this opportunity kelli. xoxo