franny takes us out on the portland town

i have two separate but equal points to make regarding this blog post. 1. the mom in these photos is named posy (yes really! i know, i love that name so much).  she is one of the most special human beings i have ever met. she loves, and she gives, and she uses her probably at least 78%brainpower trying to think up ways helping others. i've been one of the people she has helped. the best part is, she's not even annoying nice. she just IS nice. i am so grateful that after our session i can now call her a close friend.

2. the little girl in this blog post is named franny. (i know, just when you thought it couldn't get better than posy!) and franny did not accept a single one of my tricks as a photographer. so you know what happened? instead of clowning around and screaming at franny (which is not beneath my usual antics). i got quiet. and i watched. because franny didn't really need my tricks. everything she was and where she took us was so lovely. it gave me the chance to shoot the session in a new way. to do things i never would have thought of if i was going according to MY system. and by the end of the session instead of franny hating me for me trying to bend her to MY photographic will, i felt like we had established a mutual respect for one another.

see what you think. xoxo, thanks for looking.