heiden and michelle in love in boise

these guys are in love, like the la la la la  looooooove you scream from the top of you lungs about it, l o v e. it was more than cool hanging out with them around boise's downtown. it was inspiring. and before you ask, YES, there is a meaning behind the salt and pepper shakers. heiden and michelle  go together just like that. they are not the same, not at all the same even, but together is where they belong.  man it makes me happy.

oh, and cool side story, i went to elementary school with heiden. we played basketball together in the fifth grade. these are important things to note. however, because michelle was the one who first contacted me, we didn't realize we knew each other until we were half way through our over the phone consult. i got to thinking...hmmm....heiden is kind of an unusual name....could it be?.....nahhh...and then,

me: okay wait, heiden, i have to ask, what's your last name?

heiden: uh....bliss....

me (super professional sounding): dude, i totallly know you. this is diana moore! (my maiden name)

and although i'm super sure you would like me to type out the rest of our conversation just the way i did above, i'll spare you the intrigue and just let you know that there was a lot of laughter, a little reminiscing, and a mutual feeling that this was meant to be. so they are salt and pepper. can i be a napkin or something? (bad joke, but its my blog and i'll bad joke if i wanna). =)

contax 645 (with a little eos3). fuji 400h. portra 400. tri-x.