i bijoued didjou?

i just don't get why, when on the subject of the amazing bijou market, and i start to hum the theme song from the ever popular kids show  calliou, substituting, obviously, bijou for calliou, no one, absolutely no one thinks it is funny. add it to my queue of unsolved mysteries (along with how in the world is their two ue's in 'queue' ).  i mean, do do do do do do, do do do do do do, do do do do do do....BIJOU!!! comedy gold, and ridiculously catchy.  i'll just have to let it go. luckily, martin had the task of coming up with the signs we used for pictures at the bijou market. his cleverness was way better received than mine. and even more lucky than that, was that the amazing ladies of bijou even had us out the the lovely market at all. oh who am i kidding, we totally invited ourselves, but wouldn't you? a million amazing adorable handmade items being looked over by a million amazing ut residents? it was a "i'm so jeolous of that girl's red lipstick, and way better cowboy boots " kind of event for me, that's for sure.

because of some cruel ut april weather, instead of posting ourselves outside on the sidewalk to get portraits as bijou goers came and went, we may or may not have completely blocked an exit as we huddled in the doorway. i would like to extend my apologizes to all of the people who had to inconveniently exit through the entrance in order to successfully avoided my camera and me, but, i don't know, looking at the photographs, i kind of think it was worth it. don't you?

lastly, watch for a photo of bearded uncle marty that he begged me to take. what can i say, the camera loves him. but not as much as i do.

some of my fav bijou vendors and/or pretty displayers: pink peach cakes (above left),  ea (above right), and birds of ashmae (below).its kind of hard to see it in the photo, but this lamp had such a rad newsprint shade. good purchase lady.i hate to knock my photos, but they don't do justice to the total cuteness of the displays at this market. i was blown away by the creativity. i mean, origami? you can't go wrong.heads up, a few portraits of the cute bijou founding ladies are coming up....many of the kids and grown ups if you want the truth, were kept in good spirits with yummy mini cupcakes from pink peach cakes.twins that bijou!

above is a photo of my brother! holding a photo of my brother! (himself)

and i wanted to end with the ever so lovely charla, who is incredible and charming, and who helped me track down email addresses for all of the fine people in the portraits above. she was an angel, and such pleasant company. thank you charla.

not all of the portraits taken at the market posted here, of course, but they should all be emailed out for free, yes free, by the end of the week! also, if you were at the market, don't forget your coupon for $50 off of a yan simple session! come see me at the studio, we'll have such a wonderful time. =)