i need to tell you something | utah photographer, boise photographer

doesn't it feel like so long since we've last talked? i am not loving the sense of disconnect i'm feeling over here. truth be told, lately there has been just way too much about work and  life that i'm not "loving," so much. so i'm changing it.

there's a lot i have to catch you all up on (can you say wppi, plus baby's status, plus didn't i open a studio?). but mainly i wanted to let you know that i finally feel like i'm about to break out of a slump, and i'm going to do it by simply being me. i've never been one to hold back. i'm the type that as soon as i meet you i want to show you my cellulite, admit my inability to multi task, and divulge the rest of my long list of flaws, just so you know who you're really getting. martin disapproves. hahahahha.

but that's me. and i strongly believe in being the best version of who you are are in favor of trying to be anyone else. how else can we honestly connect as fellow humans? =)

so look out, here i come, starting with a picture of my six month pregnant self in stretch pants. yes, it kind of hurts to post this. on the way to vegas, marty and i pulled over on the side of the road and worked some self timer magic. this was supposed to be for a submission to a bludomain contest (never happened, the details confuse me), hence us both wearing plaid shirts. however, good old uncle marty later revealed to me that he wishes we would have coordinated ALL of our WPPI "outfits," you know, to make an impact.

i love that man.PLAID blog