Last Boise Stop of the year |Boise Children's photographer

before, i go ANY farther, I must clear up any confusion. namely,

where in the world is Yan Photography?!!!

i like to maintain the illusion of omni-presence (another dumbledore comparison may fit here, not sure). i'm in utah, i'm in boise, i'm all around you. or so it would seem.

but the truth?

i live in provo, utah. such was not always the case. in fact, just a few short months ago, i lived in boise. and the truth of the matter is that i didn't want to make a big annoncement about the whole move, because i didn't want my boise friends to feel abandoned. so the plan was to continue doing sessions in boise, travelling monthly, and sometimes bi monthly to do so.

although i'm exhausted, so far, its worked! but its also worked at confusing people. one week i'm sharing a utah session, the next, a boise. well, that's not going to change...yet. I am still available for a limited number of boise bookings through Spring 2010. But Utah peeps, just know that I'm in your area, ready with my camera.

For the rest of this year however, I am making one last stop in Boise, and its going to be during Thanksgiving weekend. Until recently, my family's holiday plans were up in the air, but we found out we'll be coming home to Boise for sure! Our tentative plans are to be in town wed-sat. I have a couple of bookings, and a couple of more last minute spots open, if anyone wants them! i know everyone is feeling their prettiest, after a little holiday indulgence =). So let's get together for a bundled, urban, hat and scarf whir of fun.

and because i'm sick to death of posting without pictures. here is just ONE from the seemingly endless photos i'm working on.

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