well guys being quick and to the point--

my babies can't handle it.

the goneness. the lack of routine. the inconsistency. the mom here on tuesdays gone wed- friday.

and honestly,

i can't handle it either. as much as i love it, as stimulating as it is to my heart and soul, as great and inspiring as the people are that i meet  (i mean so great, i'm planning on writing a whole book all about it)

i know where i'm needed. and that's in my home state. with my chilluns. my myra, wren, and shiloh boy.

now that's not to say i won't be available for destination weddings and the perhaps bi annual jaunt to somehwere outthere. but no more go go go go go i don't even know where i'll be next week kind of thing.






here is your last chance, and a little bit of a kick in the pants (i think i must talk in rhyme when i'm stressed) incentive to put me on your calendar for yans last stretch of travel sessions through 2013.

basically the idea is no i won't be back in your area some other time (as much as i would like to be! and yeah, there is still an off chance i might some day i won't be quarantined to uath county but --- you get what i'm saying)


so here are the list of places i'm hitting up through summer 2013. and if you BOOK a session within the next 24 hours, you get $75 off. yeah. that's a sweet deal i need to lock this schedule down so i don't have to be going back and forth every 5 seconds tweaking and readjusting you know?

-how much does it cost and how do you book? the flat rate for all travel sessions is $950 and includes a full res disk of your edited images with a print relase to go hog wild. Fee is due upon booking, just send me an email to and i will send you  time slot choices and an invoice.

las vegas, nv: dec 9th-10th

Tampa, Florida : Jan 31-Feb 2 (2-3 spots)

kansas city, missouri : may 3-4 (considering switching this location to PORTLAND as i haven't had any firm commitors yet--so you tell me)


cleveland, ohio: may 6-7 (same as above except considering nixing this one or switching the location to DENVER. i had peeps express interest but then decide not to commit, so lemme know quick if you wanna keep this location) DENVER WINS INSTEAD SO IT IS DENVER, COLORADO MAY 6-7

laie, hawaii AND MAUI: feb 22-24th (this is a DEFINITE NO BACKSIES!)

la area: march 1-2 (definite)

san francisco (area): march 4-5 (FULLSIES. MIGHT BE ABLE TO SQUEEZE ONE MORE)

san diego: march 6-7 (DEFINITE - 3 SLOTS)

NOW FOR THE INTERNATIONAL SPOTS (this is huge for me, gulp)

Brisbane -ish, Australia: early April (as in the first two weeks)

Vancouver, Canada: June 7-9th

Montreal, Canada (and dropping on over to Quebec) : July 11-15th

London!!! August 7-13th

so hit me up all y'all! remember if you book within 24 hours, so like by midnight tomorrow, you get $75 off the original $950 pricetag. WORD.