Lindzee and Javier Boise Engagement Session

why is it always so hard for me to know where to begin? lindzee and javier...these two are so beautiful, that's about to become realllllly apparent after a few more lines, when the photos start, but until then i was honored to photograph their wedding this past weekend. but, can i tell you a secret? i only got the gig because lindzee's BFF, crissie mcdowell who is also a photographer (a VERY gifted one)  and a friend of mine, couldn't shoot the wedding as she was the fancy maid of honor. so she was kind enough to point lindzee and javier in my direction.  crissie was the girl who shot lindzee and javier's REAL engagement session, you know, the one with the photo that goes out with the invitations? and you can see crissie's super rad blog of the session  here.

but because i couldn't bear to give up my two hours of shooting and getting to know the real javier and lindzee, before the big day, i forced them to go through the whole engagement shooting ordeal yet again with moi. we shot this just two weeks before the big day!  the light shone on us that evening like a gift from up above, and let's just say we laughed A LOT. i can't wait to share their wedding with you. and here's my second secret. you can see a little peak of it on cyndee of ashki photography's facebook page (why don't you give it a like while you're at it), who second shot for me that day.  you're gonna wanna take a peek as the wedding was incredible.

contax 645, fuji 400h, portra 400, portra 800