long time coming | Boise Children's photographer

in the end, it is still unclear to me why these beautiful childrens' mother is not among my bffs. the back story: we went to high school together. kalah was, um, cooler than me, funnier for sure, and better at basketball. everyone liked her, because it was pretty much impossible not to. but there was more to kalah than average popularity. she had this "other" quality to her. this thing about her that made you want to be better, smile more, and treat others with additional kindness. she just sort of shone and inspired, which I'm sure everyone can agree is no easy thing to do in high school. fast forward to modern day when i started my business and emailed everyone i've ever known about my "accomplishment." kalah checked out my website and wrote me back this super nice and supportive "kudos" type message, despite the fact that we hadn't talked in like six years. typical kalah. always something nice to say. we went back and forth about scheduling photos for her kids, and back and forth, again, then around...then we triple axeled, back flipped spun, before finally landing on a date last week.

suffice to say, it was worth it.