making my job easy| boise family photographer

Hold on a second, I'm still catching my breath. Editing this session for just a simple sneak peak has been EXCRUCIATING. These people are way too beautiful. And I took way too many pictures. And picking some to post has been way too painful. I'm not sure how many we ended up with for the "preview," but you guessed it, its a number way too high. What can you do? So the actual session: first we went downtown and hung around an alley for a while. good times, as you will soon see. Then we drove about 20 minutes to a field of "flowers" near where I live. My husband noticed said field as he was driving home a week or two ago and suggested it to me as a shoot location (see honey, i told you i'd give you credit). I fell in love immediately. But in case anyone else is drawn to fields of purple weeds that appear to be charming little flowers, be warned that such places don't exactly smell like flowers. The smell itself is hard to describe, but just know that when I got home I was asked immediately by my family to change my clothes and take a shower.

family-of-models-web i affectionately refer to this one as: family of models.

ava-is-cool-web ava is hilarious, and extremely cool, obviously.

lily-from-above-web recognize this mug from the post below? i could look at this gorgeous face all day.

sisters-sb sisters

separates-sb just doing their family thing...

adjust-web call me crazy, it wouldn't be the first time, but i truly super really do love this image with all my heart.

mitch-joline-sb joline and mitch kinda like each other.

joline-web okay, so maybe you're tired of looking, but how could i not include this super gorgeous photo of joline?

fam-gray-wall-sb-web because families in alleys are cool

silly-wall-web getting silly with their bad selves

pieces-web the girls

now onto the flowers...

flower-heads-web love it, love it, love it

last-picture-web the last picture we took for the night, but NOT the last picture in this post...

fam-sunflare-web crazy mega sun flare

sunflare-sb and now we're done, wasn't it worth it?!