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i don't know about you, but I thought this was a photography blog? hehehehehe. okay, okay, you busted us. sometimes we like to just write. and sometimes its a little too easy to click the ol' "publish," tab before digging around for some fresh photos to post. but i just can't believe i haven't blogged all of THESE pictures yet. THIS, one of my last and loveliest sessions of 2009 in which:

a) a mother loves her children incredibly well

b) mother manages to look gorgeous while doing so

c) children manage to be incredibly well behaved, and all kid/free spirited like simultaneously.

i met julie, the culprit, I mean, mom, in these photos, last winter at a photography seminar (see her awesome photography here) and i do not believe i've encountered a kinder heart either before or since. she really wanted to be in front of the lens for a change to capture the connection she has with her children. julie was extremely patient with me in scheduling this session (thanks so, so much), but we were both sad to not be able to find a time when her husband could join us. =( hopefully next time, right julie?

lots of love,


what, i'm signing my blog posts now? uncle marty must be a bad influence on me...

p.s. julie deserves a medal not only for her mad mothering skillzzzz but for her mega sweet styling. seriously, look at those kids!

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