marfa marfa marfa

her obscure magic called me for so long but it took me years to make it there.....finally this spring i got to marfa; to teach (ie laugh a lot, drink margaritas, take pictures with and force them to endure "inspring," monologues from yours truly)  a group of my favorite women who had already attended yan fam way number 1.0 but also to help yeah field trip teach a group of new and eager picture makers. here is a small sample of the images i made in that magical space in the middle of the desert. i could have made pictures there forever.

(all images shot on film. contax 645 • canon eos 3 • portra 400)

thanks so much for hanging in there to look. those colors right? f you're interested in attending an upcoming yan fam way workshop in slc, indianapolis or washington D.C. you can sign up below: