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when we were dating he won my heart with clever notes signed mysteriously as "uncle marty." and although i was aware of the how strange it was for the person i was dating to also refer to himself as (somebody's) uncle, i was also charmed by his understated quirkiness. well, that, and the man can sing. never underestimate the power of the sensitive, guitar playing, genuinely talented type over the female undergrad. he stole my heart, and 5.5 years, plus two and a half babies later, i like to brag about how in love we STILL are...

now, it is with pride, and and wee bit of nervousness that I am giving all of you the chance to fall in love with uncle marty too (from afar, very, very, very afar, wink). of course, he's always been part of the yan photography team; behind the scenes he's offered endless encouragement and advice, wrote the song for my website and has even assisted me at quite a few of my sessions. But it wasn't until eight or so months ago that we decided to begin the gradual merge into a husband and wife photography team.

and it hasn't been until now, after a lot of blood, sweat and learning tears (slight exaggeration), as well as finalizing the plans to move into our studio, that we've felt it appropriate to announce to all of you.

so ladies and gentelmen, what this means is that yan photography is still yan photography. but there's a new kid on the team. yes, he shoots. yes, he WILL blog. yes, he sings. and yes, he's secretly more creative than i am though he's happy to let me me the attention glutton in the relationship.

for now mr. marty will be second shooting for me at our weddings, and also at sessions, as well as taking on A LOT, of the grunt work that goes on behind the scenes of running a business. so don't be afraid to say hello to the handsome, dark fellow, every once in awhile.