my birthday club

for my 30th birthday this year i was in new york.  i'm not totally ready to talk about that trip. it was a big deal for me. yes i was there to work, but i was also there to change, and more importantly be okay with that change. i spent a lot of time wandering, and a lot of time alone. but the universe is SUCH a beautiful thing and always seems to provide me with the exact kind of people at the exact moment i need them. at the very last minute i took on a session with these guys, the gonzaleses. a lead to b to c and somehow i was in their beautiful apartment on the morning of October 25th, blowing out a candle on a cupcake. they became my family for the day.  it was a perfect morning i'll never forget.

furthermore i want you to know that nicole and ivan were high school sweethearts. YES. its unbearably cute. we shot the first part of their session in front of the school where they met. 10 years later they are still in love and its the kind of love that lifts my heart and makes me like the world. plus they have their beautiful lucca to show for it.

lastly i kinda want you to know that nicole has something rad going on over here: and she is one of my fav grammers (you know instagram) find her at @bluumbabygirl

thanks for looking.