my favorite thing about marriage

are moments like the one marty and i had two nights ago while falling asleep: marty: (in that trippy place in between sleep and being awake--think heavy breathing)

me:  hey! i just made up another joke, you want to hear it?

marty:  ughhhoo

me: okay. what do you call a panda in a swimming pool?

marty: whaaaaaargggh?

...................wait for it

me: a panda in a swimming pool! (insane, obnoxious laughter)

martin: (in spite of himself): hahahahahahahahahaha

me: i am totally winning!

martin: winning what? who are you playing against?

me: the panda!

martin: hahahahahahaha

me: see, i win again!

*we both fall asleep smiling


what i love most about marriage is the silly nonsense. the ability to make the lamest joke in the world and be appreciated for it.  then the ability to follow that joke with something that makes absolutely no sense---to anyone but you and him. happy sigh.

what do you love most about marriage?

and speaking of marriage, i'm working on editing this loveliest of lovelies wedding: