MY FIRST BLOG CONTEST! (Now that its March, ahem)

Well guys, since yan photography, just reopened its doors again this month, and is now accepting bookings for 2009, I thought we needed a little something to jump start the year. Nothing gets the blood pumping like a little friendly competition eh? Here's how it works. I post a small (okay, so originally, I was going to post like ALL of my favorites, but when the list reached the 30's, i was like, um, must simplify) selection of my favorites from 2008. You pick your favorite from the favorites. You vote by sending me an email ( with the number of your favorite picture inside. Now here's the good part: The WINNER of the competition gets a free 11x14 gallery wrap canvas of THEIR favorite photo from their session! Boo yeah! (I apologize for the use of the word 'boo yeah,' but giving feels good).

I know some of you are saying, but Diana, all of your work is soooo fab, how will we ever choose? I know friends, I know, just follow your heart. On a more serious note, this competition is all in fun and the spirit of givingness, and its not really a, "my photo is better than yours," sort of thing. =)

So tell all your friends and family to get to voting, and good luck! Now onto the photos....