new years eve in summer | utah photographer, boise photographer

okay guys. i am in my house ALONE, watching 500 Days of Summer. i knew there would come a time for me and this movie - an odd, but perfect time. and it happens to me the same time that my husband went out with his family and our two girls and encouraged me to stay home so i can finish the two lovely weddings i'm working on, and  that way we could both move on with our merry lives together. well.

maybe if it wasn't such a visually stimulating movie, THAT would happen. hahahahahhahaha, oh honey, i'm sorry. but seriously, Zoe Deschenel outfits are wayyyy too cute for me not to take note of and covet. and its almost impossile to keep my promise to myself of, "no i will not cut bangs again," while watching her!

so anyway, there's this thing circulating around the twitter world (oh, what's that, you missed my post about how i'm all like, YES i'm on twitter, and YES you should follow me @yanphoto),  so its this  "10 years ago I was..."

and i have to be honest. i don't really like thinking about where i was 10 years ago. or what i was. or who i was, really. no, its not that i was THAT terrible, or even that i've come THAT far....its just, i'm different, at least a little. and i would even venture to say, a little better. Because 10 years ago i had not met the love of my life. 10 years ago i had absolutely no ambition to do the thing that's brought me more happiness that i could have ever imagined if i had indeed even been trying to imagine it. 10 years ago i didn't own red cowboy boots. And 10 years ago none of my dreams were coming true because i didn't have a plan to make them.

at least now i have a plan. =)

happy new year. i myself am a little giddy.