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dear yan fan, i've been getting these awful migraines.  and that's part of the reason why i haven't been entirely presentable the past couple days.  and to be honest, it's only part of the reason (nevertheless it is part of the reason) that i may have gone unshaven for several days now.  so today our barely two-year-old daughter wren came up to me and got close to my face.  she examined my scruff and in her adorable little voice said, "you like a porcupine."

(some of you have emailed me asking me to tell you when my daughter started making similes, so i thought i'd let you know).

today that same daughter made yan smile this adoring smile and i caught it in camera.  that moment becomes the first of twenty nine maternity portraits you'll see here in the next twenty nine days (not counting sundays - didn't want you to be disappointed when sunday rolls around).  it's a project i'm calling 'one to twenty nine.'  and yes folks, all of these portraits will be of yan.