its been like win, win, win for me around here. first, i've been doing mentoring sessions like you wouldn't believe! and wouldn't you know it, this big scary bad wolf of a task, turned out to be as cute and gentle as a lamb. color me lucky for getting to meet so many lovely lady photographers---all of whom, i might add,  i'm hoping will not shun me after being trapped with me for a day (that sentence was way too long--no don't go back and read it. i'm embarrassed). each mentoring session with me includes a real live, full length shoot. and those shoots have been more fun than disneyland, i promise. here's  a small sample:

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see what i mean? blows mickey and minnie right out of the water.

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scootin a little closer....

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a little sun, a lotta happiness

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long story, but this picture makes me want to cry...

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photographing real life.

.....sigh. i couldn't be happier. i can't wait to share the full posts with you soon!