seattle family session and spring travel session sale!

i just can't believe myself sometimes. why do i eat ten oreos instead of two? why do i put off simple tasks for days that end up only taking minutes? and why did i sit on blogging this beautiful mother daughter seattle session for so many moons? the answers to these questions and other mysteries of the universe we might never know, but you know what i do know? that i'm having a spring sale on my remaining travel sessions and that you should book within the next few days if you wanna get in on it (you might be asking yourself how in the world did those two things tie together, and the answer is they didn't, but sometimes non existant transitions are the best kind).

you can see details and dates for the travel session sale  by clicking right here  . then email me to book a spot!

cities i still have a very few remaining spots for are:





vancouver (CANADA!!!!)

montreal (CANADA!!!) if you like this session and are thinking, "aww man, i wish yan would come to my city..." well i might be. again check out the remaining cities i'll be visiting this year and get in on my spring sale by clicking here.