secret studio opening party / destination wedding photographer

dear yan, the secret studio opening party is almost upon us.  all our friends in the area will be getting their secret invitations - you know, the ones plastered on facebook and our blog.  my only regret is that i wish more strangers would come.  i wish they would read the blog and decide to come of their own volition.  (you know, they could come to one east center street ste. 207, friday @ 8pm).  then they could be our new friends.  or better yet, since it is a secret party, our old friends could disguise themselves as strangers and we could have two friendships where there was once one.  insert a picture of garth brooks next to one of chris gaines.

tonight when i took the scouts to the wildlife museum, one of the museum educators held out a snake to me (in case i wanted to pet it).  i did not.  he did this as he explained how this snake regularly eats rattlesnakes.  he also told this group of impressionable 15 scouts that if you happen upon a rattlesnake it will probably not bite you at first, since biting is a last resort.  the creature is a head and a tail!  it can do nothing but bite you!  this i did not say.  instead i thought of what a fun party game it would be to have a rattlesnake wandering around the studio.  then if anyone looks nervous just say, "don't worry, biting is a last resort."

you bring the disguises. i'll bring the snake.

love, marty