years ago now, before i got to photograph families in their homes all over the country, i was a little younger and a lot hungrier. hungry to MAKE the shoots that i wanted to happen, happen. because those dream clients, the ones i KNEW had to be out there somewhere, who would like what i liked, and saw what i saw weren't exactly knocking down my door, to say the least.

so with a lot of help from the people close to me, i found a space and built what i saw, and what i wanted to show people if they would let me. a studio made to look like a home with white floors, white walls, thin white curtains over the tall windows.  a simple bed with, you guessed it, white sheets. i just wanted it to be clean. i just wanted there to be light. and i just wanted it to feel like a home that a real family would fill up with real love.

the studio only lasted for 18 months. felt like a bit of a failure at the time. but now, after a lot of losses, break downs and break throughs plus more, hustle, sweat and tears----now, they build it for me. well, probably more for them. ha.

the point is,  if you are out there, reading this, struggling and feeling like maybe you can't keep working at this thing, that vision you see, well we're about to have a field of dreams moment, because i'm here to tell you ---

if you build it they will come. you can do it.