snow on snow in the morning / utah wedding photographer

dear yan, i laughed the other day when you left the breakfast table.  i grabbed the milk and found the lid resting on top, but not screwed on.  don't worry i won't tell the yan fans about your one flaw - not being able to put lids back on things.

when we woke up this morning and i saw all the new snow i felt a moment of childlike happiness.  new snow makes me think of purity, cleanliness, fun, and ironically warmth and coziness.

i'm glad you had such a good time with our mentor session friends.  you're not just a great photographer, you're an awesome teacher.  hey, stop looking over my shoulder so i can finish this post.

the studio looks great.  we'll have to post some pictures soon.  oh and have you noticed it smells like fresh bread in the mornings?   ahh, the perks of being above a restaurant.  i'll let the yan fans know they can start booking mini studio sessions!  i'll bet they all go for the good-smelling morning sessions.

well, the snow is starting to melt and i should be on my way.  i'll write you again on thursday.