yan does a workshop. its called get BACK.




look, i've been sitting on this since christmas.

biting my nails.


the back and forth--do i want to be judged for this? do i want go through the stress and worry about whether or not anyone signs up? do i want to take on the responsibility of MAKING ABSOLUTE DAMN SURE my attendees walk away from a workshop with me better and more enlightened than before they came? because that is an aspect to this whole workshop schpeal i take extremely, extremely seriously. i don't want your money if i can't give you an extraordinary service in return.

and in the end i reached the same conclusion i usually reach in all aspects of my life:

eff it.

juuuust. stop worrying yan. because you know why?

i LOVE to teach. i LOVE to try to help others suceed. and furthermore,  i really believe in what i have to say. ha. obviously--but hear me out.

i believe there are no secrets to success or magic pills to be dispensed in this industry. instead, ibelieve there is incredbly unique strength and talent in each of us. and that by being true to THOSE things in spectacular, honest way, success follows. most importantly I happen to be extremely gifted at putting people in touch with THEIR unique strengths and talents. you could say that's MY unique strength and talent.

and i want to share it with YOU.

so how are we going to do this? the answer is a little differently.

i decided to call this workshop GET BACK.

its about getting back to why you're doing this whole thing in the first place. its about getting back to you. who you are. as a person. as an artist.


1.this workshop starts before it starts. with an online community (facebook group, nothing too fancy), with 1 hour portfolio reviews directly from me, followed by 2 unique assignments for each of you regarding YOUR work and making it better.


-group feedback on the assignments (by this time we will know each other thanks to our online group. hurrah!)

-SHOOT (of course) there will be serveral beautiful organized shoots, including lifestyle families, mother and child, and couples. but the shoots will be approached by each of you with a specific goal in mind  based on the portfolio review you have already done, as well as the feedback you have recieved from your assignments

-film shooting basics. how can we not cover this? film has my heart and it is my medium. however, we  not spend the majority of the workshop on  the subject (ie digital shooters please don't be afraid to attend)

-strategic portfolio building to grow your business

-my approach to lifestyle shooting in clients' homes, as well as lifestyle outside of the home

-the Yan method (i am an open book). this will include the rundown of how i run my business, tricks for interacting with clients, what i charge, how i use my equipment, my mind set as i shoot, etc etc. i hope to help you on your journey partly by sharing mine.

-artistic integrity; how to align your business with what you believe in as an artist, and find success.

-life/work/art/self consisency. some people call this BRANDING. i call it figuring out how to mold the best parts of who you are and even the not best parts, into a visually stimulating form and online presence.

-standing out in a saturated market

-attracting clients you really want.

-the beauty of natural light and working with its various forms

-how to give every image you take an x factor

-being a good editor as well as a good photographer

-establishing YOUR online presence

-going back out why you became an artist/photographer in the first place, and developing your strenghts from there

-and so much more. this is a workshop for anyone who wants to grow as a person who wants to make the kind of work that will leave them fulfilled at the end of the day.

count on good food. some evening activities to grow and bond together, hopefully a lot of laughter, maybe even a little tears.




Dallas, TEXAS JUNE 25-27  (3 DAYS)

*for each location i am in the process of arranging housing accomodations so that we can all stay in the same place. however you may stay on your own if you prefer

COST: $2250 (includes all 3 days of the workshop, and  2 meals on each of the three days. part of this fee will go toward housing accomodation, however there may be a slight additional fee for housing depending) $1000 is required to hold your seat, with the remainder due one month before the workshop.

i will be pouring every part of me into this experience to make it worth while. and i have priced it accordingly.

NUMBER OF ATTENDEES: 10-12 at each location

because of the heavy emphasis on focusing on YOUR INDIVIDUAL PATH and YOUR needs, i need to keep the number of attendees small in order to achieve this. and if only three people sign up, by golly we're going to have such an amazing time.


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