YAN LOVES BABIES | Utah commercial photographer, Idaho commercial photographer

hey y'all! so some of you crafty readers already noticed my mini announcement that Yan is looking for babies to model for a fun commercial gig. i so appreciate your responses, and promise that i will be getting in touch with each of  you who have responded to date. i also wanted to make a more obvious announcement (again) that yan needs stylin babies!!!! as in riiiiiigggghhhhttt now. indeed, i need cute and chubby kidlets between ages 6-18 months to begin shooting TOMORROW AFTERNOON. yes, you read that right. my wonderful client just asked me to bump this project to mega urgent, and so it is! we also need babies on Wednesday. we will be shooting in a variety of locations (probably only one per rockstar baby however), and we are especially looking for interested parties who have modern and fun interiors we could possibly shoot in. Mom's, we could even use you in some of these shots (like maybe your feet wearing some bright and lovely shoes), sounds fun right?

baby's mommies will be responsible for wardrobe, and we are seeking bright colors, layers, hats and accessories (oh come on accessories for babies isn't that ridiculous of a notion). Willingness to sign a model release is definitely a MUST.

so if this doesn't apply to you, go tell everyone you know! and if this does apply to you email me right this very second (photography.yan@gmail.com) with a photo of your precious babe, their age, and whether or not you have an available interior. responses will be sent out tonight.

ahhh, what would i do without you guys?

And speaking of babies, i'm off to a doctor's appointment right now to check on our little guy. last week, we found out this creature is indeed a little male (hip hip hooray!), but we also found out that things are a little shaky in his crib down there. so wish uncle marty and i luck, and hopefully i'll  have more details to share soon.