The Richardsons Simple Session

when these guys came to me, they made me feel like i was doing something right with my photography.  how did i know? because i never wanted our session to end. i wanted to invite ciara and brett over to my house and have dinner together while our kids went crazy in the back yard. i wanted to take them all home to uncle marty and say, "see honey, they're like us, we'll be able to have SO much FUN for the rest of our lives!!!!" sadly, we move to colorado in like, practically 5 minutes, and a family date night with the richardsons will have to wait for some other magical time. still,  i think, well, hope really, that when every client starts to feel like a long lost friend,  my photography voice is starting to speak the right language.

contax 645, canon eos 3 , fuji 400h, portra 800