someone over here with a camera is about to have a panic attack. lemme tell you a little somthin. as of tomorrow, here in utah, usa,  its supposed to drop like 30 degrees! that means that those leaves that have just peaked in all their colored fall glory, are going to get an early start a' falling. and i am DESPERATE to capture them in photos before they do. Specifically desperate to capture them in photos with some  wedding-attired peeps. you read me? what I'm fumbling to get out, just like that nervous kid asking another nervous kid to that dance in high school, is that i am looking for willing models! so if you're not camera shy, and you're willing to try something new, read on to see what i'm looking for:

1. a boy and girl either in love, or at least willing to act like they are in love.

2. a boy and girl with fun and fresh wedding attire. guys, you don't necessarily need a tux (think outside the box!) but girls, i am looking for dresses that are unique and eye-catching.

3. a girl, or a girl and boy not afraid of getting their clothes a little (not too much) dirty. basically, peeps willing to sit down if asked.

4. a boy and a girl willing to sign a model release for use of images in my portfolio.

not necessary to:

1. be an actual couple, though it helps.

2. be about the take the martial plunge.

am also looking for...

1. a boy and girl willing to do a super fun and fresh engagement session. i've got ideas folks. sooo many ideas.

2. some girls who fit the criteria above, minus the boy.

what you get....

1. the chance to hang out with yours truly, obviously the best part of the deal.

2. all processed images (my favs from our session) on CD.

Am I asking too much? hope not. So if you fit this criteria, or if you know someone who does...please, please, please, email me with a little bit about yourself, and a picture to photography.yan@gmail.com. Thanks and I can't wait to meet you!