wassup utah? | utah photographer, boise photographer

i honestly have no recollection of my internal motivation.  seventh grade....sigh. why the oversized, striped, union bay t-shirts? why the maroon Adidas tennis shoes  that i was so proud of (and yearning for a matching oversized Adidas coat)? why did i wear my dad's sweatshurts turned inside out (with the tag still attached might i add)? why was so much slouching going on? why did i try to master the perfect upward jerk of my head and utterance of, "wassup?" for when i passed potential friends in the hallway? why oh why oh why oh why? when i see pictures of myself in seventh grade, i don't see me. i see the embodiment of one thing: wanting to fit in. Junior high was a new place, and I didn't want to be noticed for being me. I wanted to be noticed for being as good as everyone else.

Now I'm at a point in my life where I'm in a new place again. Utah. And I've come a long way since seventh grade. I don't want myself, or my business to fit in at all. In fact, I want, really, really, want to be different. More than that, I want to be me.

So wassup Utah?! You and I have some getting to know each other to do. And because of that I'm going to be announcing a lot of fun promotions, and casting calls, and all around good things for the upcoming months. You know, to break the ice. So do me a favor, utah, and stay tuned? Thanks.