what his heart looks like

so some of you may or may not remember uncle marty -- you know, the guy i'm married to?

settle down, he's not really my uncle, but when i first met him, before we were even dating--he would refer to himself as uncle marty in this endearing, quirky way, that made me think, "why would anyone ever call themselves that?" but also charmed me into at least wanting to know what he was all about.

and by now, after 8 years of marriage, i have a pretty good idea. because everything uncle marty is about, i'm about too. in face i am his about and he is mine, and all of the things we share in between, our 3 children ranking pretty high on that list.

what you  are about to see, if you are so kind as to click on this video is an amazing song written and recorded by uncle marty. the camera work and editing is, you guessed it, by me. cuz we like to mix and mingle like that. what i love about it is that a lot of the footage is just little snippets of our life. it is this perfect blends of how we each see artistically--him through music, and me through imagery---and because of that its one of my favorite things



we've created.


if you liked the song, be sure to check out marty's album Birds, Beaks, Bones on itunes (under the band name Quail).

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