people, i am working it. no, mabye i'm not working it as fabulously as this little girl is from this weekend's "better than i could have ever hoped for," mentoring session. but there is definitely A LOT of work going down in yan town. on what you ask?


the shoot above, wrap up of a dec wedding, tearing up the grossest, tackiest, most hideous linoleum known to man in our studio in order to get to the hardwood floors, putting together our NEW WEDDING WEBSITE (to be revealed this week), booking other weddings, planning engagement shoots, planning just for me creative explosion shoots, being a MOM, loving my life, and growing an entire human being within my WOMB.


but you know what? I know you're all working it too. I know your probably busier than you can handle, and we're all collectively wondering when our next moment to sit down, forget about the clock and do something purely relaxing, will be. Those moments do come, and when they arrive, they are glorious. but for now, let's just all keep moving forward, however best we can.

happy tuesday.