so, with so much studio work floating around lately, i've gotten a lot of emails wondering if i rent out the studio. the answer is... sometimes.

.kind of.

no, i don't know.


here's the thing, the studio? is my BABY. my fourth baby. we put our hearts into creating the space-- our whole hearts. and every time i walk into the space, no matter what kind of day i'm having, i feel like---me. at peace. the whole thing is a dream realized. and though my mother tells me i was excellent at sharing as a child, i've felt more than a little protective of sharing this.

here's the other thing.

i'm a mom. i have real babies, ones not so clean and pristine. i have a husband. i have a busy business inside and outside of the studio. what i don't have is a lot of extra time to use the studio in all the ways i've dreamed up. it just doesn't make sense to keep the space all to myself anymore.

so while i am still shouting from the rooftops:"the studio is mine mine mine! all mine! and won't be giving it up any time soon, i am opening it up to others to rent on select days.


Tuesdays and Thursdays - the studio will

now be available to rent.

What is it?

Located in downtown Provo, UT, the studio is pretty much  a big white box of shooting space with tall windows for ample natural light. furnished with a bed, two couches, various chairs, tables, lamps, and pillows--all movable if you like.


1. All work taking place in the studio must be family friendly. No shoots or projects involving nudity or implied nudity.

2.The studio can only be rented to one party at a time, unless special permission is obtained from Yan.

How Much?

The hourly rate is $35 (minimum of two hour rental), the day rate is $175


email me at photography.yan@gmail.com if you are interested.

and well, that's about it. To see shoots that have taken place in the studio have a look at these:

ballet shoot

(this is a video inside of the actual studio)

simple session in studio