pay: $9.50-13.50/hr depending on skill level/experience.  Typical hours per week will be 18-25 hours for the ON weeks with the kids, and 3-5 hours for the off weeks.


  1. must enjoy spending time and playing ACTIVELY with kids (not looking for a tv watching nanny).
  2. must be proactive in organizing creative, education, and physical activities for children.
  3. must be able to cook
  4. must be available (on call, ready to help at a moments notice) during certain hours of the work week even when not with children. this would likely only be in emergency scenarios, but i have a very busy work schedule and instances where i need you immediately DO arise.
  5. must be willing to run various errands, including grocery shopping, mailing various items, and miscellaneous requests
  6. must be good at housework and organizational tasks (although i do have professionals clean the house regularly--as in mopping and deep cleaning is usually done by them, not you).
  7. must be willing to do and fold laundry
  8. must be able to clear a background check
  9. must have car and be able to drive confidently with kids in the car to and from activities
  10. be open to co owning a dog (as in the dog stays with you and is loved while i am out of town almost every other week). alternatively, the dog can stay at my house with you while i am gone if the house is not being airbnb'd during that time.
  • i am a single mother and i have my children every other week. most of my off weeks, i travel for my work. during that time i would like to airbnb my house. so part of your job would be letting people in and out of the house during those times.
  • i am open to mothers who have other children and they would be allowed to bring 1 child with them to work. child must be in same age range as my own kids or younger.
  • i am not open to my children being nannied in your home rather than their own.
  • this is a bit of an odd job with an eclectic list of requirements, and requires a special, warm, smart, loving, jack of all trades, efficient and shiny human being. sense of humor and patience definitely required.
  • a typical week may look like (and remember i only have my kids and will require your full services every other week):

so week on with kids:

  • MWF doing errands/housework 1/3 the day, keeping my 5 year old busy and happy 1/3 half the day. driving 5 year old to and from preschool and picking up older kids toward end of workday to be with for the last two hours.
  • driving kids to and from ballet or theater class a few nights every other week.
  • doing weekly grocery shopping/meal planning
  • laundry and folding one day a week
  • watching for ways you can improve/decorate/style house
  • possibly driving me to/from slc airport or coming over for an 1-2 hours on Sundays before the children's father and i make the kid switch
  • answering emergency calls from me maybe 1-2 times/month (not serious emergency. errand or last minute babysitting, i forgot to pick this up type of emergency)

your and my weeks off from the kids:

  • letting people in and out of my house as an airbnb.
  • taking care of my dog as described above although i don't have a dog yet. this is in case i get one. ;)

okay! i've tried  to be as specific as possible! and i've had a good time doing it. i'm sure you'll have lots of questions and will be doing skype interviews for qualified candidates through jan 5th. Please respond with resume and a video (approx 3-5 mins) tell me why you are the right candidate for this role and a bit about who you are...serious inquires only please. email to


being a working single mom is tough, and i'm looking for someone to share the load and love my babies. thank ya.