Teeth kiss (downloadable photography workshop by yan palmer)


Teeth kiss (downloadable photography workshop by yan palmer)

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Teeth kiss - the downloadable workshop by Yan Palmer

Two hundred to two gazillion terribly terrific methods to get humans in your photos feeling and looking real.

•Mom looks pretty

•Dad looks like he wants to be there

•they both look in love 

•Kids look "energetic," and "soulful," without also looking insane

•cuddling between family members looks voluntary..

Because all these things are true in a family's heart, at least on good days, even if they aren't true during the 1-2 hours you show up to photograph that family.

"Yan palmer is the most awkward, most ridiculous, painfully loving family photographer I know." -Ryan Muirhead

Look, I like to joke around because life is too painful not to, but in all seriousness teeth kiss is everything I've spent thousands of hours developing about photographing humans in their most authentically loving state. 

Teeth kiss is a multi media learning tool that will teach you to:

 -make thekind of photos that make you feel something

-Make the kind of photos that remind the people in them how beautiful life is even when it hurts sometimes. 

-extract love from every family dynamic

-map out a plan to run family photo sessions smoothly and meaningfully

-strategically build a portfolio that is an extension of all your best parts

-turn up the volume on your own original creative voice, and turn it down on empty industry trends 

-attract clients that make your job easy

-get people to hire you for what YOU do, not what they want you to do for them.

-make beautiful lifestyle photos in less than beautiful or perfectly lit homes 

-tried and true vehicles yan has developed from teaching over four hundred photographers that will help you find your powerful photographic voice

But yan, haven't you been teaching a ridiculously successful photography workshop all over the world for years?

Yes.  But I can't anymore. Because it was literally ruining my health and family life. And since I've learned the hard way that #nothingisworththepriceofhealthandfamily I'm stepping out of the scene.  But rather than leaving this industry that has given me so much high and dry, i'm leaving you with teeth kiss. The workshop I've taught for years in a format accessible to everyone. For a freaking steal. That you can experience from the comfort of your couch and computer (shout out to my fellow, forever money strapped introverts)!

I mean, I'd buy it if I wasn't the one who made it. 

Teeth kiss includes:

-video footage of yan giving every "lecture" she usually gives in person at the workshop (the lectures include all topics listed in the what you will learn section). (Plus some inspirational stuff that is yan's favorite stuff to teach along with the story of how she became a photographer and did a lot of things wrong-- all of which you can fast forwardif you get bored)!

-video footage of yan demonstrating every directing technique she teaches with real families and couples

-two full, non edited or fancied up behind the scenes videos of real shoots with real people, not models

-50+ page PDF written instructions of all of the above with photo examples

-access to an online community of everyone else who bought teeth kiss. They might be weird and they might be cool. Ideally there will be plenty of both in the clan! But I can promise you they will definitely be kind or they will get kicked out. :)