i really don't like the word mentoring. its overplayed and misused. the brand designer in me googled "synonyms of mentor," to try to come up with some kind of clever, dare i say poetic name for what i'm offering. but all i found were pretentious sounding terms like "guru," or stale ones like, "consultant." no thanks. 

i guess i have trouble with labels. maybe you can relate. so yes, i'm calling it mentoring but what i really am is a mirror. one you can look in and see everything that's already there IN YOU that you forgot how to notice. one that reminds you of the voice inside you that once thought you were capable of making anything happen if you wanted it badly enough. the one that thinks you are beautiful as you are, that your failures are your best learning experiences,  and that you have something to offer the world different from anyone else. this voice is still a little scared yes, but at the same time understands fear is a good sign, one that promises growth if you make a space for it rather than letting the fear defeat you.

this voice i'm talking about seems to be one we're all born with but gets quieter and quieter as the years pile on. squished and squelched beneath expectation and social pressure. i want to help you turn the volume back up. 

i have been teaching creatives for years. i'm unsatisfied with making a short term investment in their growth. in other words, i don't want to help you for a day. i want to help you for weeks, months, potentially years. i want to make you be accountable for the goals you set. i want to give you courage to abandon goals that are no longer relevant to what you want most to achieve.

"...the one-on-one session was exactly what I needed. I don't mean to blow smoke, but I felt seen, deeply understood, and heard. And that's what we're all looking for on this earth, in the end, isn't it? I dunno, Yan, you have a gift for that, for seeing people and taking them for where and who they are, for seeing the light and good that is there.  I've thought a lot about our conversation. It's helped me start to make a few steps in the right direction."  - Erica Knetch

• i am not a life expert. i wouldn't believe anyone who claims to be one. i am very much living the practice of pursuing one's dreams. i believe this puts me in a position where i can relate to and understand you. i think this is a better position than someone who seems so far ahead on their path they can no longer remember what struggle is like.

• i promise to care. i promise to do my best to understand. i promise to help you trim the fat in order to pursue your highest ideal.

• i do not promise success. i will not give you a shortcut to a  stunning career. i aim less at these and like minded  goals, and more at deep personal satisfaction that only comes when one honors their truth and pursues the goals one truly cares about. Think of these as goals you want to achieve not for gain per say, but for integrity's sake---to follow the powerful voice and plea inside of you that says, "this, this, this, please try this." 

i believe we all have a voice inside of us like that. i believe very few have been trained how to hear it. 

the latter part is what i can help with. along with actionable steps in the direction of your truth.

people yan has taught in the last two years who are doing great things and would probably still be doing great things without her but it makes me (I mean her) look good to say it like this: 

What it will look like:

your mentorship will be tailored to meet you at the level you are CURRENTLY on. whether, you are a beginner, a seasoned shooter, somewhere in between, have worked with me in the past, or don't even have a photography business. that part doesn't matter, i will meet you where YOU are. i will take a number of steps to get to know you and your individual goals so that we can then together design a plan of action for you to actualize in the following 4 weeks, and weeks after that. Because each of you will be at a different place in your personal growth, its difficult to specify content in a group sense, which is why instead i am explaining the structure of the content. this way you can be reassured the mentorship assesses the needs personal to you and how that process will play out. 

"...I wanted my sessions to be completely different from the norm and true to myself, but I wasn’t sure where to start. The funny thing is that our work couldn’t be more opposite. My aesthetic, mood, style, even my approach to shooting is totally unlike hers, but that was the beauty of the way she teaches. It didn’t really matter. She took the time to understand me and the trajectory of my journey. She helped me to trust my instinct and inner voice, and she pushed me in ways I needed to be pushed. My experience that day was deeply profound on many levels. Yan pours her big beautiful heart and soul into her workshops, and her gift for teaching is truly unique." - Rachelle Derouin


$1995 for a four-week commitment. payable in three installments. look, i don't want this to be a bitter pill for anyone to swallow. i think offering to be your mentor and then saying but ya gotta pay me for it! can feel like a slap in the face for some. Investment is important for a number of reasons, primarily to:

  1. ensure you are committed and taking the program as seriously as i am. it won't always be an easy or comfortable process and will require a significant time and emotional investment from you. my experience is that people show up more willing to do the work when they have attached a monetary value to it. i guess we are just wired that way. 
  2. so i can make a living. its true. i need your money, and i won't pretend i don't. this is me following my own voice, which i feel is a calling (practicing what i preach!), and asserting that i deserve compensation for it.  i pulled off the traveling teacher, photographer for years, but i'm not happy with what it leaves over for the humans who need me most, my kids. individual mentoring allows me to make a more meaningful investment in a smaller number of people, and to do so from home which means a less jet lagged mom when monday rolls around. ;)
  3. but please know the number of mentorships i am taking on is EXTREMELY LIMITED. it has to be for this to work. for me to give the help and attention i promise. i will accept no more than 5 mentorships per month.
  4. Due to the nature of this offering, I cannot allow for spots to be transferred or sold and cannot offer refunds.


  • 1 month prior to mentorship: a number of question sheets, exercises i will need you to complete in order for me to get a sense of your needs and your work. these will be manageable, likely strange to you, require vulnerability and openness on your part and are very important for you to complete so i can best meet you on YOUR level.


  • 2 hour video conference (such as skype. if you are local, this could potentially be in person):
  • hour one of video conference: 1. in depth response and review to your question sheet and  assignments thus far. 2. verbal portfolio review.
  • hour two of conference: outline of strengths and areas of focus for improvement. priority setting for the 1) the upcoming week 2) the remaining three weeks


  • personalized assignment based on what was covered during video conference. video content of a live yan shoot (for personal use only)


  • 1 hour video conference including: review of week 1 assignment, help with a  brand and personal contract. 
  • establishment of daily/weekly routine that will facilitate structure and growth. 
  • Q and A on subject of your choosing


  • video content of pertinent lecture material necessary for brand and personal contract creation. you will watch this on your own time, and complete a personalized assignment from me.


  • 1 hour video conference to check in, assess progress
  • Q and A on subject of your choosing
  • readjustment of  growth plan if necessary. 


  • assignment completion


  • 1 hour video conference to review assignment, 
  • transition growth plan to the next 6 weeks with a timeline. 


test on content (don't be scared. i have to make sure this is working! that i've taught you skills you can apply long after i'm not around. that you can continue to refine and teach yourself. think of this test as a gentle accountability exercise. it may be given verbally or in written form).

CONTINUED EDUCATION OPTION: Weekly check-ins for goal assessment/Q&A - prices and options will vary

(only available to those who have completed a mentorship)

I believe so strongly in creating a positive learning experience that I will not let you sign up for this option until you have completed your one month mentorship.

Need more convincing?  Read more testimonies from others who I have been privileged to teach and learn from.

"No matter what photography type/level/genre you classify yourself as, Yan's workshop will benefit and change you in a big way—and that's a total understatement. Yan is a gift to this industry, and she conducts her workshops with so much personal attention, it's seems almost impossible that there are enough minutes and hours in a day for all of the people that she touches. Her words are poignant and lasting, her suggestions are constructive, pragmatic, and at the same time, they hit parts of your heart that you never knew existed. She's almost not-of-this-earth, and I mean that in the most positive, sincere way—she will push you to your next level and beyond, and build you up in a way that you never thought was possible. She is a true teacher and a phenomenal artist in every sense of the word, and the day you spend with her and other talented photographers is the best gift you can give yourself as a creative. But don't take my word for it..." - Nikki Sabastian

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