at 33

yesterday was my 33 rd birthday. i woke up alone in denver where i had been shooting most of the week and had a little piece of introvert heaven doing all of my favorite things solo;----ran until my lungs burned, bought a new book, took myself out to a well prepared organic brunch, and savored every bite to the point that i think the people around me heard my loud, contended sighs.

but then i did the thing i really wanted to do. i got on my flight and headed home to be with my babies.

here's  a video i made the night before my birthday. i was up, missing them, feeling sentimental about getting another year older and wanted to have some record of us as we are now. 

i feel like this brief two minutes captures the heartbeat of our times together----its a series of clips from our last day of summer, literally the day before school started this fall---you know when i felt that sudden panic attack of losing the freedom of our days and went into over documentation mode. 

at 33 these are my happiest moments-- when we have no rules and no schedules---just us and the air and sun.