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i'm still mad at amy grant for writing a song way back in the 90's that was soooo catchy, its still stuck in my head today. really? i think to myself--- how can the last momentous night that i get to carry my son in my womb be colored with the peppy inner song of, "baby baby, i'm taken with the noo-ooohhh---tion, to love you with the sweetest of devo---oooo---tion." oh pinnacle of cheesiness, i have found you. but guess what? i googled it, and apparently amy actually did write that song for a real live baby, and not some love interest. huh, what is this cosmic connection that we have miss grant?

.....and so here i go to the hospital in the morning. i'm scared. i'm excited. i'm scared, and round and round we cycle.

in the last month or so i started to panic about this probably being my last pregnancy. i wanted to remember what it felt like, how it looked, the love that shocks me when the girls snuggle on my belly. earlier on in my pregnancy, i was lucky enough to do a little session with my close friend, the amazing and creative cyndee wanyonyi of askhki photography. but i didn't have my girls around.   so in a last minute panic attack, this saturday, becky earl and my 9 month huge self, got together for a little chaos, and a lot of love. she sent me 1-2 and i can't get over the heart in this shot of me and wrennie lulu, my two year old.

me and wren

cyndee and becky, you are amazing.

as for wrennie lulu, yes, she is delicious, and now,  i'm off to go get me another one of those in boy form. wish us luck.