Belly Love | Boise Maternity Photographer

i loved this family. no really, i LOVED them. we had a mission to capture one young miss finnley's adorable adoration for her mother's pregant belly. but you know how two year olds (even really sweet ones) can be, "oh, what? you WANT me to go hug and coo at  mommy's belly like I do about 10 times every hour except this one? but the squirrels are soooooo fascinating right now...." hahahahahaha i should confess i'm slightly exaggerating to increase this post's interest level. finnley was actually quite agreeable. let me show you.



the finnley you see on the left is the true finnley. the finnley you see on the right is the finnley who wants to know why no one asked her if she wanted to spend her evening with a wacko carrying a camera.


this is finnley at her sweetest, obviously.


and here she is translating to her mother what the baby is saying...


whoa, what? you didn't realize finnley's dad was around for the shoot too, did you? there he is, sneaking into the frame on the left. this was unplanned, and i LOVE it, as in i love THEIR love.


and finally one of the lovely mama (well most of her) sans finnley and hubs. 

i am MAKING myself stop there because i want to see what happens if i exercise some self restraint and not show ALL of my favorite photos right away. but i hope you got a taste of this sweet family because they. are. golden.