brooke and andy's maine wedding

two words: dream wedding. okay some more words---at age 50 and 51 i haven't seen a couple more in love or careful with each other. they know what they have. and they intend to keep it. i had the honor of getting to know brooke in the time leading up to and since her wedding and as you'll see in the photos, not only is she gorgeous, but she does this thing where she emits love from every pore. i think its called glowing and it keeps you warm even when you're getting rained  on during all the bride and groom portraits. ;) thank you so much for having me out to kennebunkport, brooke and andy. this is a wedding i'll never forget. and for the camera curious---all images shot on film with my contax 645 and trusty canon eos 3.

james + megan

joy encapsulating single mother of 5 marries the love of her life in maryland --- plot spoiler he's an incredible man. i didn't cry at all, certainly not at least 4 times throughout the day.