h-a-n-s-e-n | utah family photographer

so these cool people came from midway, to my neck of the woods (temporarily provo) for their session. they were fresh off a spring break cruise (yes this brave father took three kids on a cruise by himself, whoa!), and looked AWESOME.  although little miss emily was not at all about having her picture taken, she was all about being my friend, which in the end people is WAYYYY more important. with every family i meet, i feel a little sad when we part. i feel like i get an hour or so to pick up on their family vibe, so to speak, to find out what they're really about, and to try and capture that with my camera. what i find is unique and special in every family. then its see you later (maybe, maybe not). and my heart feels sort of heavy about it. what can i say, i attach easily like the puppy that follows you home. i guess its a good thing these guys don't live in provo, afterall.