happy weekend and simple session update

well, for once in my life i have some legit, non work related weekend plans! i am heading out the door in just a few for some super serious, eternally awesome MOORE women (aka my mom, sister, and 4 sister in laws) F U N. we are going off the grid,yo (or something) and things could get a little cuh-razy (read: snowshoes will be involved). before i go though, i wanted to update you all on the simple sessions. the first six slots just flew off the metaphorical yan shelves, but i have plenty of normal priced slots left. think 6 spots every wednesday from now until the end of TIIIIIME. and really you should sign up because 1. its so simple 2. kids frequently lose it after a half hour anyway, and 3. its going to be a ball.

so, you, me simple sessions, let's make it happen. in the mean time, have an amazing (most over used word ever) astounding weekend. xo, yan