hitting the road again

this morning i got up early, braided my hair, and summed up my courage. time to be off on the road again. time for me to be hoping a million little loose ends somehow tie up, and everything works out. it always works out.

think of me today in the car with my 3 kids and my sweet mother in law....for like 10 awesome hours. aye yie yie.

i want to leave some images with you that put a smile on my face. on the left is the view from my shower every morning. the sun comes in through a narrow window in our bedroom and i just happen to have the perfect view of its golden glow as i get squeaky clean for the day. i love it so much one morning i made marty hand me my contax. the image on the right is me in the sunshine, getting warm on this winters morning. ahhh, that's bullcrap, really i just thought i looked kinda pretty and so i made marty take a photo for my instagram feed. there were at least 3 different takes (pshew pshew--that's the sound of my straight shooting honesty).

tomorrow i will be announcing openings for online mentoring again, so stay tuned. i can't believe how much i love teaching and helping people hone in on their strengths. if there's any of you out there who would like to give it a go, now's the time.

in conclusion, thanks for dropping by, even if its just to see me patting myself on the back for blogging 3 consecutive days in a row. have a beautiful day.