if ya wanna book a session with yan in 2015

taking pictures  in a family or couple's home  inspires me more than any mountaintop, beach, or grassy field. don't get me wrong, i'm not going to turn a shoot down at any of those places either, but the heart and story in every corner of a home isn't really matchable in terms of meaning anywhere else. i'm not just talking about the beautiful homes like the one pictured here. please don't think that. i'm talking about houses like mine. messy, but lived in. small, a little cramped, but with pockets of light so magical they never get old. and yes yes yes, i'll take the pretty houses too if ya got em. ;) i'm traveling to a lot of cities this year to teach my workshop, and its my mission to get into as many of  your homes as i can to  document the stories i find there. i've held off on announcing this list of locations simply because i'm hesitant to be out of my own home so much, but when my kids are with their dad, this is what i do---i steal away into unfamiliar houses where i can feel the raw love of a family even if its not mine. :) the best part is that i get to give that experience back to you in pictures so that you can feel the beauty that  isn't always obvious to us humans as we go about our day to day.

here is the list of cities and dates where i will be accepting sessions (families and couples!) in 2015

• los angeles jan 26-27

• tampa jan 29,30

• washington d.c. april 8-11 (almost completely booked)

• st. louis may 5-6

• austin may 8

• pittsburgh may 18

• nyc may 22-23

• madison july 10-11

• ann arbor july  14-15

• portland sep 11-12

• san francisco oct 9-10

• denver oct 21-23

how about an image break before we go over all the pricing information? okay? okay.

(these images were taken at my yan fam way workshop in seattle last year. the lovely and incredibly talented heather perera hosted the workshop in her home and rounded up the equally lovely and equally talented (its hard to believe, i know)   katy tuttle to model with her family at home. i am forever grateful).


i've done this whole, traveling photographer thing for a few years now and have learned some heart smashing, bank account terrifying  lessons along the way. but i think i've finally settled into a system that not only works for my business sense and mama heart,  but also works to honor my beloved clients and give them a bit of a deal where i can. so without further ado, here is all the info you need to decide whether or not you want to book a session with me this year:

how much does a yan family session officially cost?
for a session i charge a flat rate of $1450. this includes all of the edited full resolution files from our time together.  A 50% non refundable retainer is required to book your session and the remainder due three weeks prior to your scheduled shoot. sessions last up to two hours at various locations (depending on your preference).
how much can i save if i have hired you for photos in the past?
$150 off the official price! kinda a lot. i believe in showing thanks to those of you who have helped me on my way and that's YOU.
how much can i save if i have attended your workshop or have signed up for a workshop in 2015?
also $150! also a lot! welcome to the family.
how much can i save if i book before january 30th?
all clients who book their 2015 session before january 30th can save $100 off of the official price.
can i qualify for alllllll the discounts always forever?
i wish i could afford it!
but you can qualify for either the past client OR workshop goer AND the $100 discount for booking before jan 30th, for a total of $250 savings. alright, alright, confetti.
at least i hope. i understand not every person who inquires will be able to book me. if that is the case then i guess i have to stop talking to you forever. i'm kidding! this is a no pressure situation! i totally understand budget restrictions and do not wish to push anyone past theirs.
but if this does sound like something you want to take the leap and make happen in 2015, send me an email to photography.yan@gmail.com with the subject SESSION WITH YAN IN _______ (INSERT YOUR CITY)  because let's be honest, that will help me a whole lot with keeping my inbox in order. can't wait to hear from you soon. xx