introducing miss glitterhips...|boise photographer

well normally, i like to keep things on this blog family friendly, you know, disney style and all. but i was asked to participate in the beta testing of some new textures (pardon me laymen readers, as this is "photog talk.").  the textures are affiliated with a little group called TOTALLY RAD ACTIONS. That's right, T      R      A     , eveh hoid of dem?  miss andrea roberts of andrea roberts photography was selected to beta test the new textures, and graciously invited me to contribute one of my images for the test! cool! wait, what's that? you're only reading this post because it had glitterhips in the title and hinted less than family friendly content? well, i'm getting to it. the name of this new set of actions is "dirty pictures." andrea roberts won the opportunity to beta test them because she entered and won a contest to see who could come up with the best stripper name (ahhhhh, i'm blushing...strippers and dirty pictures, lets just say are NOT part of my daily routine).  

That name was Roxie Glitterhips.

The texture used on my image is named Maxi Mercer. I don't know what that means, and I don't think I want to. Consider me prime material for prank calls from Bart Simpson. 

What I REALLY want to tell you, is that if you want to see a BUNCH of super rad pictures with TOTALLY RAD textures worked into them, just go ahead and click that andrea roberts link. I think one of the main benefits of using textures in one's images is the depth and interest they add to a photo. now back to wedding week!!!!