my friend becky

i have so much to say. becky and i had been talking. we do that a lot. and scheming. we had ideas---really good ones. i had shots, visions, magic just waiting for its chance to happen---

but in the end, there was only a little over 20 minutes minus driving time to pull it off. that afternoon martin had to be somewhere with the car---but becky's cute pregnant tummy was growing every day and we wanted to get the shoot in before she was "showing."--should i go, should i stay, a now or never moment, and? i grabbed my contax 645 and headed out the door.

me on the phone: "be ready in pajamas, a v-neck shirt, and 'i just woke up,' hair."

becky: (laughter---becky has the best laugh ever--she should have a permanent position as a studio audience member)


me: "can i borrow your light meter?"

becky: "i'll have it ready."

10 minutes later, there i was rushing into becky's house, ripping that light meter out of her hands. we barricaded the kids out of the kitchen. sawyer started crying. loudly.

me: "look serene."

becky: (serene people don't talk)

sawyer: waaahhhhhhh!!!!

me: "can we use your bedroom?"

becky: "let's go."

we raced upstairs. i checked my watch.

and oh the light.  we only had 10 more minutes, but we had such pretty light.

me: "everybody on the bed!"

the kids were confused, but agreeable.

me: "everybody look here,"

the three wee ones took almost perfect turns looking at me.

becky: (more laughter)

me: "if even one of these turns out, it will be worth it!"

i only had 20 minutes. but i had becky to shoot. i couldn't ask for a prettier soul. or face, while i'm at it. becky and 3 kids who adore her.

i think it turned out pretty well.

p.s. think emotionally in focus. =)