obsessed with stripes forever and always

this post has been a loooong time coming. and i do mean long. i posted an inspiration board for this shoot like a million years ago here. and i was all like, you bring the awesome, i'll bring my camera.


mallory and her husband sure do know how to bring the gosh darn freaking awesome. when she emailed me and attached a picture of herself and joshua, i was all, NUH. UH. and then, whaaa? and then, aight', let's do dis.

although i had some amazing responses from other folks who i am still sad to this day i did not get to shoot because of timing conflicts, i felt so lucky that such a beautiful and connected couple came a runnin' for the chance to let me work out my creative vision. i couldn't stop staring at them.

the best part?  you know the proverbial perfect good looking couple? the  pretty girl and the hip guy that everyone hates because they are so stylish together but have zero personality and the only thing they are actually good at is looking good which doesn't even qualify as a talent, but more as just a quality that makes the rest of us feel bad?

mallory and josh are soooo not like that!

they were the sweetest, most fun, down to earth people, and i was relieved because i do things like trip when i'm shooting and i um, sweat a lot, but guess what? they do those kind of things too. and together we had a fantastic fantastic time.

p.s. the famous and beloved becky earl tagged along at this shoot and you can catch some of her rad shots, along with some other eye candy here.

contax 645, canon eos 3, fuji 400h, portra 800